ISSN: 2697-0708 ● DOI: 10.51443/RestauraRios

Volumen 1

10 years of the Rivers Project in Cantabria: results, achievements, lessons and opportunities

Gracia, A. • Valdor, P.F. • Cloux, I. • Tejón, S.


Proyecto Ríos is a citizen participation program, whose purpose is to survey Cantabrian rivers, based on citizen´s science, environmental education, environmental volunteering and land custody. The methodology is based on 5 stages: to take on the commitment of surveying a river section, to train volunteers on scientific methodologies to survey a river section, to inspect of a 500 meters river section twice per year (on spring and autumn) by volunteering people, to diagnose the ecological status of the river systems and to adopt a river stretch by volunteering people. After 10 years, Red Cambera has carried out a statistical analysis of environmental data and a review of social and environmental activities developed. In this study, the main results obtained are presented. The main results of this study shown that 282 river sections were surveyed by volunteering people and around 300 social and environmental activities were developed. During the study period, Proyecto Ríos has demonstrated to be a fundamental tool for involving citizenship on the study and care of river systems located in Cantabria. Furthermore, Proyecto Ríos is recognized as a tool to generate useful data which could be an extra support for make decisions by conservation associations, the scientific community and public administrations.


Training, Conservation, Red Cambera