ISSN: 2697-0708 ● DOI: 10.51443/RestauraRios

Volumen 1

Drainage section, geomorphological alteration in alluvial channels and river restoration

Ollero Ojeda, A.


It is a reflection on some bad practices that destroy fluvial geomorphology in alluvial channels. They are very widespread actions in the territory and very frequent. Two recent examples in the Ebro basin are presented here. These bad practices –with bed dredging and sediment accumulation on the banks–, looking for a supposed larger section of drainage, are at the antipodes of river restoration, that should have as a priority object the naturalization of geomorphic processes and forms to achieve geomorphic resilience, since the other elements of the fluvial system depend on it. There is an urgent need to abandon these practices and raise awareness of their inefficiency and the damage they cause. Ideas from geomorphological restoration are also provided to mitigate their effects, being fundamentally future floods that will recover the damaged channels.


Hydromorphological quality, Geodiversity, River management, Environmental impact